YOHAKHU GIN - an element of Japanese beauty.
This unique gin offers expansive flavours leaving one breathless, offering a perfect moment in time. Traditional Japanese Sake producer since 1887 FUYOU SHUZO has extended his craftsmanship to create YOHAKHU Gin. Its unique taste is created by blending carefully-selected ingredients: local botanicals infused with Nagano's smoothest underground water as well as a unique and rare Shochu.


The YOHAKHU Gin is a beautiful blend of three types of spirits: traditionnal Japanese Kasutori Shochu along with grain and fruit-based spirits.
YOHAKHU Gin gets its unique flavour by compounding and distilling a variety of 11 hand-selected botanicals: juniper berries, apple, coriander, lindera umbellata (Kuro-moji), bamboo grass (Kumazasa), Japanese pepper (Sansho), sage, angelica, orange mint, lemon beebrush, holy basil.

MADE IN NAGANO ー The Roof of Japan

YOHAKHU GIN is produced in Nagano, found in the heart of Japan. This majestic town is hidden by 3000 meter-tall mountains where YOHAKHU Gin earns its nickname The Roof of Japan.
This idyllic place in Japan is renowned for the purest of waters and its unique botanicals which are unquestionably entwined with the area's rich and diverse history.
This lovely aromatic and harmonious gin is a beautiful reminder of Nagano's great nature.

Who Makes this GIN??


“ I created the Japanese gin YOHAKHU based on my knowledge and experience as a Sake brewer. Sake-kasu, one of most important ingredient is the byproduct of Sake. I use such a unique ingredient for it in order to make a unique and good balanced gin and represent our history and the beautiful local nature to YOHAKHU.“

Takanori Yoda - Head distiller

Born from a long line of distillers for 6 generations of the FUYOU SHUZO family, Takanori has specialized in both Japanse Sake and Shochu. His family's knowledge and skill enabled him to distill high-quality Shochu from various ingredients. His award-winning ShochuTenzantogakushi has won the national competition in Japan for seven years in a row certifying the family's renowned expertise.

“I created YOHAKHU based on my knowledge and experience as a Sake brewer. Sake-kasu, a by-product of Sake, is one of the most unique and important ingredients I use to make Yohakhu Gin. It offers not only a perfectly balanced gin, but also represents our history and beautiful local nature.”

YOHAKHU Gin can be defined as a perfect blend of these individual's knowledge, skill and expertise combined.


Takeaki Miura – Adviser

Takeaki, restaurant owner and leading person on the traditional gin market in Japan, has introduced over 600 varieties of gin to the internal market and has organized the Gin Festival Tokyo no less than three times since 2018.


Masakazu Shigeta – Fragrance Expert

Masakazu Shigeta is the CEO of Osaji, an organic cosmetics brand whose main concern is skin care. Osaji's products are all characterized by minimizing stimulants to the skin so that even those with fragile or atopic skin conditions are able to use their products safely. All the cosmetics contain mild stimulants and diffuse a soothing fragrance.



PRICE:¥6,000(without tax)
ALC. VOL:45%


TYPE:Distilled Gin

BASE SPIRITS:Japanese classical “KASUTORI SHOCHU” spirit, grain based spirit and fruits based spirit

BOTANICALS:Juniper berries, Apple, Coriander, Cardamom, Lindera umbellata (Kuro-moji), Bamboo grass (Kumazasa), Japanese pepper (Aomi-sansho), Sage, Angelica root, Licorice, and Cloves.